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During construction you can think of us as an owner's rep as our success depends on your overall satisfaction with the end result.  Our team is always there to ensure the work is done right, with as little disruption to your daily lives as possible.  

In the end, we work with you to add the final touches and ensure we have accomplished all of the project goals.  A successful collaboration will lead to that picture perfect kitchen, bathroom, or home remodel  that we all envisioned back in step one!

Starting with our first consultation, we work with you to establish goals for the project that consider schedule, budget, and most importantly, your family's needs.  

Whether you are starting from square one and require assistance on the design, or simply need us to jump right in to implement the dreams you have for your home, our team is skilled to get the job done.

We design and plan the project with you by asking questions, and listening closely to your answers to provide accurate feedback on impacts to the project budget, schedule, and goals.